Best answer: How good is Frontline Plus for dogs?

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat stuff and the Real Deal ! I have bought Frontline Plus for a number of years. It’s always a great product to protect your dogs from fleas, ticks, lice of any kind, larva, eggs, and more. It has always given me the peace of mind I want in flea and tick protection for our pets.

Is Frontline Plus still effective?

In the end, it is safe to say that Frontline Plus is still one of the best and most affordable fleas and ticks preventative treatments available in the market. It provides enhanced protection from pesky parasites and keeps your pet safe. … So, don’t lose faith and continue administering the treatment on your pet.

Why does Frontline Plus not work anymore?

Although Frontline Plus may kill 100 percent of the fleas immediately after you put it on your dog, its effectiveness will diminish throughout the month. If the fleas in your dog’s environment are really bad, a few fleas may slip through, especially toward the end of the month.

Is Frontline for dogs any good?

With two active ingredients, this product works very well to kill adult fleas while at the same time disrupt the reproductive cycle of fleas and ticks. According to reviews around the web, many users are happy to pay a bit more to ensure that their dogs and cats remains flea-free.

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How long is Frontline Plus for dogs good for?

Trusted by Pet Owners for 20 Years. 1

FRONTLINE® Plus for Dogs kills adult fleas and ticks, prevents new infestations by killing flea eggs and larvae to break the flea lifecycle, and lasts for a full 30 days.

Which is better Frontline or Advantage?

Frontline Plus is slightly less expensive than Advantage II and protects both against fleas (in their various stages) and ticks (whereas Advantage only treats fleas and is more costly).

What are the side effects of Frontline Plus for dogs?

Side effects can include skin irritation, agitation or lethargy, vomiting, tremors and seizures. #4When used according to label directions, the active ingredients in many flea and tick topical products are not absorbed into the bloodstream.

Why does my dog still have fleas after Frontline Plus?

The active ingredient in FRONTLINE (fipronil) kills fleas by affecting their nervous system, making them hyperactive before dying. These dying fleas often rise to the top of your pet’s haircoat, so the presence of visible fleas after treating your pet, is a sign that the product is working.

Why does my dog still have fleas after using Frontline?

The ingredient in FRONTLINE Spot On and FRONTLINE Plus that kills fleas makes them hyperactive before they die. … This means that regardless of the licensed flea treatment you use – you may still see fleas on your pet until the flea product kills it.

What is the safest flea and tick treatment for dogs?

If chemical products are necessary for additional flea or tick control, NRDC recommends s-methoprene or pyriproxyfen, which are less toxic ingredients—but read the labels carefully because some products use them with other, more harmful pesticides.

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Can Frontline kill dogs?

Frontline, a common flea preventative that disrupts flea neural receptors, is a suspected carcinogen and endocrine disruptor that can be toxic to the nervous system if ingested. It can also cause less serious side effects in dogs, such as irritation at the spot of application, diarrhea, vomiting and seizures.

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