Can a dog with hernia give birth?

Inguinal (groin) hernias are located near the groin and require surgical correction. They can be present at birth or acquired. If the affected dog is a puppy, it most likely is congenital and may be hereditary. If there is any family history of inguinal hernia the puppy shouldn’t be bred.

Should I buy a puppy with a hernia?

While some hernias result from trauma causing a tear in the muscle, most puppy hernias are congenital problems. This is where the muscle fails to develop properly. There may be a genetic element to this condition, as some breeds appear more susceptible. So it is advisable not to breed from a dog with a hernia.

How serious is an inguinal hernia in dogs?

An inguinal hernia occurs near the groin where your dog’s hind leg attaches to their body. If the inguinal hernia is large, the bladder or uterus may become trapped, which can be a life-threatening situation. This type of hernia is more common in pregnant dogs, but it can also be caused by trauma.

How much does it cost to fix an umbilical hernia on a puppy?

For most minor hernia repairs, including anesthetics (excluding any necessary pre-surgical labwork) pet owners should expect to pay $150-$400.

Can pregnancy make a hernia worse?

An umbilical hernia during pregnancy can get worse because of the pressure and weight of carrying a new life. Get emergency care if you have sharp or severe pain, pressure, or vomiting.

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Is it OK to have a hernia while pregnant?

Pregnant women have an increased risk of hernias because of the increased pressure pregnancy puts on the abdomen. If a hernia is causing discomfort during your pregnancy, it can usually be repaired in a surgical procedure with little risk to you or your pregnancy.

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