How do you unlock glorious sea dog ship?

How to unlock the Glorious Sea Dog achievement. To unlock the full outfit, first you have to complete the Captain of Silvered Water commendation, which you receive for placing in the top three 100 times in The Arena. After that, just go to any clothing vendor and purchase the four items.

How do I cash in my sea dog chest?

Dig up chests.

Each chest you find on an island will grant your team 100 points. Turning in the chest at a Sea Dog station, which are marked with bright red plumes of smoke, will give your team one thousand points.

Where is the glorious sea dog?

The Glorious Sea Dog is a tavern and headquarters of the Sea Dogs Trading Company, built on the large uncharted arched rock formation found central to the three main regions. Its tavern interior is the lobby for The Arena, and accessible exclusively through the game mode.

The Glorious Sea Dog
Coordinates K-11
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