How much do NYC dog walkers make?

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $47,165 $23
75th Percentile $38,938 $19
Average $33,864 $16
25th Percentile $24,131 $12

How much do dog walkers charge in NYC?

As a result, you will have to pay a dog walker around $30 an hour or so to walk your dog. If you want to walk your dog once a weekday, this will cost you over $7000 a year, easily the most expensive part about owning a dog in NYC.

What does NYC pooch pay?

Average NYC POOCH Dog Walker monthly pay in the United States is approximately $1,683, which is 33% above the national average.

How much do Wag Walkers make NYC?

How much does a Dog Walker make at Wag! in New York, NY? Average Wag! Dog Walker monthly pay in New York, NY is approximately $1,250, which meets the national average.

How do I become a dog walker in NYC?


  1. 18 years or older.
  2. Pass a criminal background check.
  3. Must love dogs with an understanding and willingness to learn about their care.
  4. Warm and caring personality.
  5. Comfortable with dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments.

How do I become a local dog walker?

How to become a dog walker

  1. Take pertinent courses in high school, if available. …
  2. Earn a high school diploma or equivalent. …
  3. Take animal care courses. …
  4. Become a certified dog walker. …
  5. Receive some on-the-job training. …
  6. Take related business courses. …
  7. Obtain the necessary licensing. …
  8. Obtain liability insurance.
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How much does it cost to dog sit for a week?

Pet sitters charge an average of $25 per 30-minute visit, $20 to $30 per day, $45 to $75 per night, or $250 to $375 per week.

Pet Sitting Rates.

National Average Cost $15 per hour
Average Range $10 to $25 per hour

Does WAG or Rover pay more?

Both allow you to walk, sit or board pets for money. But you can run a doggy day care only through Rover, and you’ll have to use Wag to work as a trainer. … With Rover, you’ll also keep more of the money you earn; its 20% commission fee is significantly lower than Wag’s 40% fee.

Are you supposed to tip Wag Walkers?

You can set your own schedule, including early morning and late night walks; Some owners tip very well (I have a few clients who tip 50% on a $12 walk). … “Wag, if you plan on taking 40% of the walk payout, provide more support for the walkers. You should also consider paying out more to walkers that have walked a lot.

Is being a WAG Walker worth it?

Is Wag Worth It? If you’re looking to get started with dog walking, Wag is a great option. Although the sign up process may be daunting, it does manage finding clients and organizes your payments. This can allow you to concentrate on your core business; getting to know and walking some furry friends.

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