Quick Answer: What breed of dog is waffle the Wonder Dog?

Synopsis. Waffle is a talking dog (a red miniature poodle), who is adopted by the Brooklyn-Bell blended family after they find him in their house. Waffle always causes trouble, especially with cat-loving neighbour Mrs Hobbs.

What kind of dog is Wonder Dog?

Rex is a white German Shepherd Dog who spent his early years in the U.S. Army’s K-9 Corps, alongside his brother, Pooch.

Is Evie from waffle the wonder dog adopted?

Waffle shares Evies toy peg heart when she is playing with him she was sad when Waffle had to go but now the family have adopted them and Waffle and Evie are part of the new family.

What is waffles real name?

Rufus Hound as Waffle (voice). James Merry as Simon Brooklyn-Bell, a teacher.

What happened to Waffle the dog?

Six-month-old labradoodle puppy Waffle has now been away from home for over 24 hours and owner Catherine is desperate to have him returned. Waffle was taken while being walked in the Belmont Road area of St Austell at around 7am yesterday (Dec 23).

Can Waffle dog talk?

Evie decides to name him Waffle and finds out his special secret – he can talk! Jess notices at her veterinary clinic that Waffle has no microchip. After finding out that he can in fact speak, Simon decides to keep the dog permanently.

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Who is Evie’s dad in Waffle the Wonder Dog?

Waffle and Benji. Evie has been given her first ever homework, while Waffle has been awarded Benji, the class toy, for good behaviour. Zoe and Callum have exciting news, and Evie emails her birth dad, Nate.

Did the Wonder Twins have a dog?

Wonder Dog was Marvin’s half-bloodhound pet dog. Marvin had him all dressed up in a superhero costume, since he viewed his dog as his sidekick.

Marvin White’s Pet and Mascot.

Wonder Dog
Affiliations: Junior SuperFriend Super Marv and Wonder Dog
Abilities: freakishly high intelligence
Voiced/Played: Frank Welker

How old was Jim the Wonder Dog when he died?

At 12 years old, Jim collapsed and later died at the vet in Sedalia. The Van Arsdales tried to get Jim buried in Ridge Park Cemetery in Marshall, but couldn’t because the cemetery was meant for people, not dogs.

Does Wonder Woman have a dog?

Princess Diana, a.k.a. Wonder Woman, had a Kanga of her very own named Jumpa, whom she considered as much a pet as a beast of burden. Over the years, Diana developed a special bond with Jumpa, who returned her care and affection with unwavering loyalty.

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