What breed of dog has a wire coat?

Examples of dogs with wire coats, or wire coated varieties, are the German Wirehaired Pointer, the Airedale Terrier, and the Wire Fox Terrier. Maintaining the wire coat’s distinct texture requires hand stripping, a time-consuming process of removing old hair so new hair can grow in its place.

What do wirehaired dogs feel like?

Wire haired dogs have relatively rough-feeling bristly hair. Which is usually a couple of inches long and coarse in texture. Their coats are not supposed to be soft and silky like most other dogs,So don’t get the wrong idea.

What breed is a scruffy dog?

Scruffy dog breeds include the cesky terrier, the affenpinscher, the border terrier, the Brussels griffon and the cairn terrier. The breeds are scruffy in the sense that they look untidy or messy, often with hair falling over their eyes. The cesky terrier has a long body, short legs and a rough coat.

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