You asked: What does sectional time mean in greyhound racing?

A ‘sectional’ is the time it takes for a dog to run from the starting traps to the winning line first time around the circuit. This is an important time to know as it provides a clue to a dog’s early race position, pace-type and also lets us calculate the acceleration speeds of a greyhound exiting the traps!

What does split time mean in greyhound racing?

The split time which is the time it took the greyhound to reach the winning line for the first time. Splits. The splits or bend order. This tells you what position the greyhound was in at each bend.

What does early speed mean in greyhound racing?

Early Pace – This type of pace produces exceptionaly quick sectional times, as these dogs can reach their top speeds in the early stages of a race. These ‘fast breakers’ perform best when allowed to dictate a race “on the bunny” from the start and rely on a clear run to set an unassailable lead!

What does EP mean in greyhound racing?

EP: Showed early pace on the run up. EvAw: Evenly away (came out of the traps level with the other dogs)

What is so bad about greyhound racing?

Every year, thousands of young and healthy Greyhound dogs are killed merely because they lack winning potential, were injured while racing or are no longer competitive. … Racing Greyhounds routinely experience terrible injuries on the track such as broken legs, cardiac arrest, spinal cord paralysis and broken necks.

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What is B grade in greyhound racing?

U.K. – B Grade – (B1 – B6) This grade prefix usually indicates to either a slightly shorter or longer middle-distance. As for the OR classification, that means “open race” meaning it is the highest level of racing in the UK. This does not mean that it is open to any participant.

How do greyhounds predict winners?

5 Tips to Identify a Winning Bet for Greyhound Racing

  1. Play greyhound races that you have complete information. Assuming that you want to play a trifecta to bring home tons of cash. …
  2. Know the age of the greyhound. …
  3. Choose a greyhound that performs consistently. …
  4. Study the greyhound’s form. …
  5. 5. Box draw & track.

What does F mean in dog races?

F. Far Turn – The third turn of the racetrack. Fast – The racetrack’s state during normal weather conditions. Greyhound races are comprised of fields of eight or nine racers. …

What does T stand for in dog racing?

Information not taken or recorded. t. Raced tightly during running. e. Eased during running.

What dogs have a double suspension gallop?

The double suspension gait is a four-time, asymmetrical gait seen only in sight hound breeds such as the greyhound and whippet.

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