You asked: What is the English word of dog house?

A “kennel” is a doghouse, run, or other small structure in which a dog is kept.

Is dog house a compound word?

A doghouse is simple dwelling for a dog. … For example, a doghouse is a dative compound, a house “for” a dog.

Is dog House 1 or 2 words?

noun, plural dog·hous·es [dog-hou-ziz, dog-]. a small shelter for a dog.

Is doghouse a place or thing?

a noun such as doghouse is said to be a compound noun.

What is corn in British English?

In British English, “corn” can mean any type of “grain”, especially “wheat”, as in the Corn Laws. Why does “corn” mean “maize” in American English?

What do you do when you enter a dog house?

How to Pull Yourself Out of the DogHouse With Your Spouse

  1. Flowers. Everyone loves to receive flowers — they’re a beautiful symbol of your love and commitment. …
  2. Date Night. …
  3. Do a Little Extra Around the House. …
  4. Cook Their Favorite Meal. …
  5. Write a Heartfelt Apology Letter. …
  6. Make a Big Romantic Gesture.

Where did the phrase in the doghouse come from?

But what is the meaning of “the doghouse” and where did the idiom come from? As it turns out, the first known reference to a partner heading to “the doghouse” is in the 1911 J.M. Barrie classic children’s novel, Peter Pan. In the story, as you may recall, the Darling family has a dog named Nana.

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