Your question: Can you pet the dog sea of thieves?

A furry update is heading to Sea of Thieves allowing players to adopt dogs to take with them on their journey, and yes, players can pet them. Sea of Thieves allows players to live out their wildest fantasies as pirates on the open seas.

How do I pet my pet Sea of Thieves?

How to equip a pet after purchase

  1. First, make sure you are in an active Arena or Adventure session.
  2. Head to the Pet Chest, this can be found onboard your ship on the lower decks, or outside of the Pirate Emporium shop located at every Outpost. ( …
  3. Highlight the desired pet you wish to use.

Can you get free pets in Sea of Thieves?

If you want to get a pet for free, currently the only way to do that is to beat the odds and find an ancient skeleton to kill. Even then there’s no guarantee it’ll drop enough to by yourself a furry friend, but the alternative is paying real money, which you may not be willing to do.

How rare are ancient skeletons in Sea of Thieves?

ancient skellies are rare but still more common than the shrouded ghost. you can find ancient skellies in arena mode. 32% (64/200) clips of ancient skeletons were on the shores of gold. If this data is correct and not just a lucky coincidence, then ancient skellies have a much higher spawn rate on the shores of gold.

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How much is a cat in Sea of Thieves?


Name Shop Cost
Gold Curse Wildcat Pirate Emporium 649
Island Wildcat Pirate Emporium 499
Ratcatcher Wildcat Pirate Emporium 499
Sapphire Wildcat Pirate Emporium 499

What do pets do in dank Memer?

Pets can do many things, such as hunt for items, protect your money from robbers, and even kill robbers. Players can feed, wash, and play with pets to increase its hunger, hygiene and fun respectively. Patting or hugging a pet boosts its love stat.

How can I get free ancient coins?

To get Ancient Coins for free, you need to track down Ancient Skeletons. These skeletons have blue and gold bones and have a large sack of coins on their backs. The game also features some audio cues for when they spawn. These chaps have a unique scary tune, accompanied by the sound of coins falling on the floor.

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