Your question: Is the Belgian Malinois a good guard dog?

Belgian Malinois are the Best protection dogs as they have high sense of responsibility with high work ethics. They are smart and confident and are full of energy. … These dogs can be trained and they can master a variety of tasks. They have a strong background of being a working dog.

Will my Belgian Malinois protect me?

Protective, strong, and territorial, the Belgian Malinois makes an excellent protection dog. This breed is alert, loyal, yet very loving. You wouldn’t normally think that these traits would go together, but the Belgian Malinois not only makes a great guard dog but a loving family companion.

Can a malinois be a family dog?

Belgian Malinois as a Family Pet

Absolutely! They are fantastic family dogs for the right family. If you have an active life and want a dog that is eager to join in, then this breed would be ideal for you. He will be the one to hike, run, and play with you.

Which is a better guard dog German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois?

Both the German Shepherd and the Belgian Malinois are excellent for family protection, though the Malinois may need a bit more training. … German Shepherds train a little bit more easily, but a well trained Belgian Malinois is one of the best dogs to have around.

At what age do Belgian Malinois calm down?

Belgian Malinois usually begin to calm down when they are about 2 years of age. This is because at that age, they are coming out of their stage of puppy-hood. They begin to mature and develop into the adult phase of their life.

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Can a Malinois kill you?

Can small dogs kill humans? They’re tiny, and cute – and they can bite you just as quickly as a big dog. Small dog breeds don’t have the bad reputations like pit bulls or pit bull mixes, but they are responsible for as many dog attacks, according to Jackson Animal Control. “It’s not the dogs,” Perry said.

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