Best answer: Why does my spayed dog have discharge?

If your spayed female dog has a swollen vulva with a bloody discharge, it is possible that some ovarian tissue remained within her abdomen after her spay surgery. Infections, injuries, and tumors can also make a dog’s vulva appear to be swollen.

Do spayed female dogs have discharge?

Vaginal discharge, more accurately described as vulvar discharge, is a common presentation of intact or spayed bitches. Too often it is diagnosed erroneously as vaginitis, when in fact it is a symptom of an underlying problem of the urogenital system.

Why does my spayed female dog have brown discharge?

In an open pyometra the pus discharges out of the vagina – as seen by a yellow, green or red/brown copious discharge from the vulva of the dog. The diagnosis of an open pyometra is therefore easier if there is a visible discharge. A closed pyometra is when the cervix is closed and there is no discharge.

Why is my dog having discharge?

Reasons for why an animal would experience discharge include: Urinary tract infection. Foreign body. Vaginal trauma.

Do spayed female dogs give off a scent?

Often there is an offensive odor. All of this Disappears with Dog Spaying.

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What color is dog period blood?

The vaginal discharge will change in color and appearance as the cycle progresses. At first, the discharge is very bloody, but as the days pass, it thins to become watery and pinkish-red in color.

What are the first signs of pyometra?

Symptoms of pyometra include early warning signs of the animal feeling unwell, such as vomiting, refusal to eat, lethargy, increased thirst and frequent urination. She may also appear to be uncomfortable, because pyometra is a particularly painful condition for dogs, while being somewhat less so for cats.

Why does my female dog have a disgusting smelly discharge?

Your female dog has normal bacterial flora that live in the vagina but a foul odor that smells like fish (or worse) could be a sign of a medical condition. … The uterus of the female dog can also get infected causing a white-yellowish discharge to exude from the vagina. An infection of the uterus is called pyometra.

How can I tell if my dog has a hormonal imbalance?

Some of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance are:

  1. Skin problems, such as hair loss or recurrent infections.
  2. Increased drinking and urinating.
  3. Weight loss or weight gain.
  4. Weakness and lethargy.
  5. Excessive panting.

Should you wash your dogs privates?

Whether you’re waiting for bathtime or cleaning outside of bathtime, your dog’s private areas will need to be cleaned on a regular basis or when they are especially dirty.

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