Quick Answer: How do you unlock triumphant sea dog clothes?

The Clothing and Vanity Items are unlocked by playing and winning Arena matches while wearing at least 5 Glorious Sea Dog Clothing items. The Cannons are unlocked by hitting Players or Ships with the Glorious Sea Dog Cannon in any Game Mode.

How many wins do you need for triumphant sea dog?

How do I get sea dog weapons? As for the Weapons, the Cutlass and Blunderbuss are the upgradable promotion rewards, whereas the Glorious Sea Dog Flintlock Pistol and the Glorious Sea Dog Eye of Reach have to be unlocked by earning Commendations, which require 200 kills with the respective weapon in Arena matches.

Where is the hunter’s call?

Hunter’s Call posts are found at Seaposts — the tiny outposts found out in the ocean. If you take your cooked fish or meat to Hunter’s Call you’ll gain gold and reputation.

How do you get the pirate lord jacket?

Rewards. Completing the sail through the shroud to end your journey will unlock the Pirate Lord’s Jacket, which you’ll find in the clothing chest on your ship. Completing ALL the Maiden Voyage commendations will unlock the Magpie’s Fortune Sails, which you can equip to your ship at the Shipwright’s chest on any outpost …

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