What is the best age to train a German Shepherd puppy?

German Shepherd puppies are ready for simple training as young as 7 weeks old. Your puppy is capable and ready to learn at 6 to 7 weeks old many simple obedience commands. But you shouldn’t pressure a puppy this young with perfect obedience. A 1 minutes session is long enough for a young puppy.

Is a 7 month old German Shepherd too old to train?

There is no such thing as too old. Even a senior can be trained, and a 7 month old puppy DEFINITELY can!

How much does a 7 month old German Shepherd sleep?

This post will show you why your German Shepherd puppy is likely to be sleeping a lot and what you should do about it. So, why does my German Shepherd puppy sleep a lot? German Shepherd puppies naturally sleep for between 15 and 20 hours per day. This is because they are growing fast and they grow during their sleep.

What happens if you hit a German Shepherd puppy?

Physically hurting your German shepherd will ruin your relationship with them. They will lose their trust in you and begin to avoid you. In the worst case, your dog could develop anxiety disorders, health issues, or even more problem behaviors.

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