What size harness should I get for a golden retriever puppy?

Some harness sizes are based on weight so that is a good starting point. You will also need to measure your dog’s neck and chest size. Golden Retriever puppies will usually be a size small or medium depending on their weight, and adult Goldens generally are a size large or XL.

What size harness should I get for my 8 week old puppy?

Your 8 week old golden retriever puppy is probably all ready bigger than my dogs. I purchased “Small” for my dogs. A small will probably fit right away, but the puppy will grow out of it pretty fast. Eventually you will have to go Medium, then Large.

What is a good harness for a golden retriever?

The Best Harnesses For Golden Retrievers In 2021

Editor’s Picks Brand
Runner Up Chai’s Choice Dog Harness
Best Budget Buy RUFFWEAR Front Range Everyday No Pull Dog
Best Dual Clip Noxgear LightHound
Best Step In Harness PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Harness

Is a collar or harness better for a puppy?

Using a dog harness instead of a dog collar makes it easier to control and manage any dog, even those with leash manners that aren’t quite perfected. … A harness disperses pressure over a larger area of his body, reducing strain on his neck and back. Harnesses discourage pulling.

Should puppies wear a collar or harness?

Most veterinarians recommend using a harness instead of a collar for training purposes with a puppy. Harnesses make it easier to control your puppy and reduce the risk of injury to both you and your pup. Harnesses are also ideal for adult dogs who haven’t learned how to walk with a lead yet.

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Can you put a harness over a dog coat?

It is best to use a harness underneath any pet clothing when possible, to provide a safe fit for your pet.

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