What type of dog is Lucky’s dad?

Pat / Lucky’s Dad (voiced by Brad Elliot), a Labrador Retriever and Lucky’s father, who lives next door to the Heelers, and often involves himself in their gameplay.

What does Lucky’s dad do for a living?

Dad is an archaeologist (he loves to dig up bones). As the devoted, yet tired father, he does his best to use whatever energy is left after interrupted sleep, work and household chores, to invent and play games with his two girls.

Does Lucky’s dad have a name?

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It’s official – Lucky’s Dad is Pat the Dog! And almost as exciting, we’re back tomorrow with Hammerbarn! I’d have loved it even more if his character name was just “Lucky’s Dad” though.

Is Muffin a boy or a girl?

Based on popular usage, it is 1.140 times more common for Muffin to be a boy’s name.

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