Who is top dog after Ferguson?

Who was the best top dog in Wentworth?

Top Dog is a term of a inmate who is the boss of the other Inmates, the top dogs would usually press sheets, the longest running top dogs were 1st Bea Smith , 2nd Myra Desmond and 3rd Rita Connors. Here is a list of the top dogs in Wentworth, Barnhurst, Blackmoor and Woodridge.

Who Killed Joan Ferguson?

Joan Ferguson

General Information
Victims: Iman Farrah, Bea Smith, Nils Jesper, Jess Warner, Simmo Slater (murdered) Matthew Fletcher (attempted) Jodi Spiteri (tortured)
Series Information
Interests: Fencing
Series Information

Is Marie Winter Top dog?

Marie Winter was a tough long-term prisoner who was top dog of country prison Barnhurst, specializing in pushing drugs and a former inmate of Wentworth Detention Centre. She escaped with help from Lou Kelly and The Freak by climbing over the fence in afternoon exercise and clinging onto a helicopter and flying away.

Did Brayden kill Debbie on purpose?

Brayden Holt

He murdered Debbie Smith under the orders of his mother. Brayden is later killed by Bea (who escaped from the hospital after a fight with Franky Doyle to do so), via a gun shot to the head.

Why did Judy kill Allie?

Judy confesses to attacking General Manager Ann, angering Allie. Judy later stabs Allie in the shower, seriously wounding her. It is revealed that Judy stole Reb’s surgery money and used it to hire an assassin to assassinate the visiting United States Secretary of State, who is seeking her extradition.

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