Would you like a doggy bag meaning?

A paper or plastic bag or container used to package the leftovers of a diner’s meal at a restaurant so that they may take it home to eat later. The servings here are so huge that I always have to ask for a doggy bag at the end of the night! See also: bag, doggy.

What does doggy bag mean?

noun. a bag into which leftovers from a meal may be put and taken away, supposedly for the diner’s dog.

What does doggy bag mean in a sentence?

: a container for leftover food to be carried home from a meal eaten at a restaurant.

What does doggy mean in slang?

In reference to sexual intercourse, a position where one partner crouches on fall fours and the other penetrates them from behind, similar to the position two dogs would take when mating.

What is a doggy bag boondocks?

Doggie bag An undefined sexual term mentioned on Season 1 Episode 2 of The Boondocks (DVD Version) by Cristal (like the champagne..). Possibly the Anal variation of the infamous Teabag. … Cristal: A Doggie bag is 90 bucks, a Teabag is 50 but I have to ask you to excuse me right now, see I’m kinda you know ona real date.

What Deli means?

: a store where ready-to-eat food products (such as cooked meats and prepared salads) are sold : delicatessen You shuffle off to the deli and pick up a pastrami-on-rye and an egg cream. The bald man behind the counter whistles cheerfully as he slices the meat.—

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What is scrumptious food?

adjective. If you describe food as scrumptious, you mean that it tastes extremely good. [informal] …a scrumptious apple pie. Synonyms: delicious, delectable, inviting, magnificent More Synonyms of scrumptious.

How do you ask for doggy bag?

Thank you. I haven’t heard “doggie bag” used in a long time, and to me isn’t the impression I want to generate about the restaurant’s food.

There are several options:

  1. Could I have a to go container for this? Thanks.
  2. I’d like to take this home.
  3. Could you box this up for me?

Is it impolite to ask for a doggy bag at an expensive restaurant?

In the US, it’s always okay to ask, but whether they can do it depends on what you mean by “high end.” In the US, it’s always okay to ask, but whether they can do it depends on what you mean by “high end.” Nearly all restaurants, even relatively fancy, white tablecloth ones, are used to packing up leftovers.

Is it OK to ask for a to go bag?

Never ask for a to-go box.

“You are there for business, not for the leftovers,” Pachter writes. “Doggie bags are okay for family dinners but not during professional occasions.”

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