Can dogs have seasonal depression?

It may surprise you to learn that dogs can suffer from a type of depression, and even more so that it may be more common in the long dark winter months.

How can a dog get depression?

Beaver said major changes in a dog’s life could lead to periods of depression. Those include moving into a new home, a new spouse or baby in the household, or adding another pet. Even a change in the dog’s schedule, for instance a stay-at-home owner who takes a job, can cause a dog to get down.

How do I tell if my dog is depressed?

The symptoms of depression in dogs are similar to those experienced by people. Common symptoms include low activity levels, a loss in interest in the things they once enjoyed, and a change in eating and/or sleeping habits. Some dogs may also show signs of aggression, including uncharacteristic howling or whining.

Do outdoor dogs get sad?

This is closely related to the shorter winter daytime hours, meaning that (like you) your dog is producing more melatonin than during the summer, causing tiredness, sadness, changes in eating, and behavioral changes.

Can dogs get depressed from rain?

Barometric pressure is another cause for your dog to dislike the rainy season. Dogs are more sensitive to the changes in barometric pressure and this may be an issue for your dog.

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Can dogs be suicidal?

It is uncommon for dogs to succumb to depression. A dog’s strong survival instinct should always take over in dangerous situations. However, dog suicide persists because of numerous reports over the years. In Italy, pets who have been left alone for weeks claimed to have been so upset and depressed.

Is my dog depressed or just old?

If your dog suddenly loses interest in playing, going for walks, and other things that would normally excite her, take note. Dogs who become less active, slow down, or seem to lose purpose may be suffering from dog depression.

Do dogs get the blues?

Symptoms of SAD

You may notice changes in their eating habits and hair loss, in extreme cases. Your dog may also lose interest in things they usually like doing. Dogs can also become depressed due to empathy for a depressed owner, moving home or changes to their general routine.

Do cats get seasonal affective disorder?

Just like us humans, your feline friends can feel the effects brought on by the lack of sunlight. Have you noticed your cat experiencing excessive fatigue, night-time restlessness, or drastic changes in their appetite? These are cat depression symptoms and may be signs that your cat has seasonal affective disorder.

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