Can I fly my pitbull?

Feds Say Airlines Can’t Ban Pit Bulls or Other Dog Breeds From Flying. Just over a year after Delta Airlines announced that “pit bull type dogs” were not welcome on flights, the U.S. Department of Transportation released a statement that forbids airlines from banning dogs based on their breed.

Are pit bulls allowed on airplanes?

Breeds such as Pit Bulls and Staffordshire Terriers are often listed as “restricted” because of historic breed bans rather than health issues. … United (an airline we often choose to fly with) requires that Pit Bulls and a few other breeds travel in reinforced crates meeting IATA Container Requirement #82.

What states are pit bulls not allowed?

The states that don’t have any BSL being enforced or prohibit BSL are Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, and Virginia.

What state has the most pit bulls?

Rank State
4 California

Does Alaska allow pit bulls?

Many of these breed restrictions and BSL laws relate to limitations and bans of certain dog breeds entering locations such as Pit Bulls, Rottweiler’s and German Shepard’s. Having a restricted breed was never an issue in Fairbanks, Alaska. … EVERYONE in Alaska loves their dogs.

Does southwest allow pit bulls?

Pet Travel Restrictions

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Southwest Airlines does not accept pets (cats or dogs) traveling without a Customer. … Southwest Airlines will only carry pets in the cabin; pets are not permitted as checked baggage. There will be no more than six (6) scheduled pet carriers per scheduled flight.

How do you get around Pitbull restrictions?

How To Get Around Breed Restrictions When Renting With Your Canine Best Friend

  1. #1) Prove That Your Dog Is Not A Restricted Breed. …
  2. #2) Rent From An Individual Instead Of a Company. …
  3. #3) Create a “Pet Resume” For Your Pup. …
  4. #4) Purchase Your Own Liability Insurance. …
  5. #5) Offer To Pay A Larger Deposit or “Pet Rent”

Does La Quinta allow pit bulls?

This HAD been one of our favorite hotels to stay in often when we visit our grandchildren in Temecula. Clean, well kept, friendly staff and a great breakfast. However, on our last visit we became aware of their policy on animals. We love pets, but when asked, they do allow Pit Bulls!!

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