How long do Basenji dogs live?

What health problems do Basenjis have?

They include Fanconi syndrome; immunoproliferative small intestinal disease, a type of inflammatory bowel disease common to Basenjis; hemolytic anemia; autoimmune thyroiditis; luxating patellas; certain eye diseases, including persistent pupillary membrane, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and corneal dystrophy; heart …

What do Basenjis die from?

Basenjis today still die from fanconi. But many more respond to this new program than the old program of drugs and antibiotics. Getting back to other health problems in Basenjis….. pyruvate kinase deficiency is a serious form of hemolytic anemia (not enough red blood cells).

Are Basenjis hard to potty train?

Whether teaching a Basenji puppy to go potty outdoors, or training or retraining a mature dog, it’s all done pretty much the same way. In both cases you need to get on the dog’s program. Don’t determine how long you think it should take for the dog to be housebroken. … every Basenji is different.

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