What is an albino pitbull?

An albino Pitbull will have a complete lack of pigmentation in their hair, skin, eyes, and blood vessels. For a Pitbull to be an albino, both parents have to pass on the mutated gene. By inheriting two mutated genes, his body is unable to produce melanin.

How much is a albino Pitbull worth?

The average price of a white Pitbull, from a reputable breeder, is between $1,000 and $3,000.

Do albinos smell?

Close relatives of Caucasian albinos have described to me their odor as sour, fishy and fetid. A Cuna Indian mother of both albino and brown-skin children said that she could wash her albino babies with soap and immediately they smelled as though they had not been washed for two weeks.

What’s the rarest Pitbull color?

According to the American Pit Bull Registry, Merle Pitbulls are by far the rarest, which explains the sharp rise in the demand for these Pits. Pitbull owners love the unique color variations of the merle Pit and its blue crystal eyes that are caused by the merle dominant allele in the M locus.

What is the rarest color Pitbull?

When compared to other coat color variations, tri-color Pitbulls stand out as gorgeously unique. This is because they are very uncommon among the Pitbull breed and they possess color patterns that no one expected to see in a Pit.

Are white bullies rare?

One of the rarest colors for the American Bully are the Albinos. Oftentimes, white bullies are misclassified as Albino. To be officially classified as an albino, an American Bully must lack the genes needed to produce melanin, which most often occurs when two copies of a recessive gene are bred.

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Why are white pitbulls deaf?

Without this stem cell, the dog’s body won’t be able to make this specialized layer of hearing cells and will likely be white in coloration. Dogs that carry the piebald gene are often affected by deafness. Piebaldism results from the absence of melanocytes, the cells that create the pigment melanin.

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